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Benefits of membership for Government

“The burden to districts and schools associated with data collection and management is significantly reduced by using SIF. The biggest benefit, however, is the ability to efficiently share data statewide, district to district, district to school, and school to school. This sharing of data shifts the burden away from district and school staff re-entry of data into separate software systems onto the vendors and their software applications. Since the data is initially captured close to the source where the quality is the highest, there is a reduced need for edit reviews and data quality checking. SIF in Wyoming has been instrumental in saving the districts numerous hours that have been required for district, school, state and federal reporting. This allows teachers more time to do what they do best: teach”

Leslie Zimmerschied, Data Governance Coordinator, Wyoming Department of Education, United States
The involvement of government departments and agencies in the SIF Association is becoming more and more crucial. As a representative of your organization you have the benefit of being directly involved in the on-going development of the initiative. You also have:



Government members

Access to the A4L Community Site – THE collaboration area developed to provide a working environment to address some of the most pressing issues facing educational data access and utilization ​X
The opportunity to share effective best practices with a wide variety of education decision-makers -- as well as software developers and vendors/suppliers ​X
The opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded individuals to resolve marketplace issues and policy’s ​X
Network with vendors and local, state and national education decision-makers X​
The opportunity to nominate and vote in our annual local elections ​X
The opportunity to vote in any Functional Group, Project Team, Task Force or Committee. ​X
The platform to propose ‘real-life’ Business Use Cases to mold specification development to ensure it meets your marketplace demands. X​
Discounted ‘Member’ rates at all A4L Community meetings X​
Use of A4L Community Member logo X​
Use of A4L materials – i.e. presentations, tutorials for external use – with the appropriate attribution to the Association X​
Listed in A4L Community Member Directory, with organization description X​




​Government members

The opportunity to participate in the growing A4L Community – join Functional Groups, Project Teams, Task Forces or Committees in your chosen interest area. ​X
The opportunity to participate in one of our Management Boards, and help to define strategies and future direction ​X
The opportunity to participate in one of our Technical Boards, and help to define the future direction of the SIF Specification ​X



Government members

Access to additional website ‘Member Resources’ including:
  • online training videos on SIF and SIF 3.0,
  • technical ‘discussion boards’,
  • RFP/ITT language and documentation to help in your procurements
  • all the latest RFP/ITTs requiring SIF technologies
Webinars to help you better understand major specification developments, and any changes in the education landscape ​X
Direct access to and support from Staff, Community members and your peers ​X


​COMMUNICATIONS ​Government members
Bi-weekly Updates & Reminders, so you never miss a thing! ​X
Quarterly Newsletter, keeping you up-to-date on all SIF activities ​X


TECHNICAL Government members
Participate in SIF Pilots and Proofs of Concept ​X
The opportunity to influence the development of the SIF specification to ensure that it meets yours, or your customers, marketplace needs X​
The opportunity to vote on specification releases ​X
Participate in our ‘connect-a-thon’s’ - helping you develop solutions and providing direct access to technical support ​X
Free access to the SIF Certification Test Harness prior to certification ​X
Opportunity to participate in the SIF Certification Program ​X



For government members in the United States, you can also benefit from:

  • Working with the Federal government on issues surrounding the No Child Left Behind Act.
  • Distribution of State RFPs directly to SIF Association members.


To review Membership Benefits across the Community, please review our Membership Matrix.