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Benefits of membership for Partners

The Access 4 Learning Community Partner classification indicates a commitment by an organization / individual to promote A4L Community related activities. These members, usually non-profit associations or other non-profit entities, add value to the A4L Community through their resources, current or proposed members, and/or expertise. It is expected that members qualifying for Partner status would provide a reciprocal membership to the Access 4 Learning Community.

To become an Access 4 Learning Community Partner, please submit a partnership proposal to be presented to the Board of Directors for a majority vote. In this proposal, please address your: Organization´s focus and
history; Organization´s members/representation; Rationale for Partner Status; and Revenue streams for operations.
To submit proposal or to gather further information, please contact us.



Access to the A4L Community Site – THE collaboration area developed to provide a working environment to address some of the most pressing issues facing educational data access and utilization ​restricted
The opportunity to share effective best practices with a wide variety of education decision-makers -- as well as software developers and vendors/suppliers ​X
The opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded individuals to resolve marketplace issues and policy’s ​X
Network with vendors and local, state and national education decision-makers X​
The platform to propose ‘real-life’ Business Use Cases to mold specification development to ensure it meets your marketplace demands. X​
Discounted ‘Member’ rates at all A4L Community meetings X​
Use of A4L Community Member logo X​
Use of A4L materials – i.e. presentations, tutorials for external use – with the appropriate attribution to the Association X​
Listed in A4L Community Member Directory, with organization description X​


The opportunity to participate in the growing A4L Community – join Functional Groups, Project Teams, Task Forces or Committees in your chosen interest area. ​X
Access to additional website ‘Member Resources’ including:
  • online training videos on SIF and SIF 3.0,
  • technical ‘discussion boards’,
  • RFP/ITT language and documentation to help in your procurements
  • all the latest RFP/ITTs requiring SIF technologies
Webinars to help you better understand major specification developments, and any changes in the education landscape ​X
Bi-weekly Updates & Reminders, so you never miss a thing! ​X
Quarterly Newsletter, keeping you up-to-date on all SIF activities ​X
Free access to the SIF Certification Test Harness prior to certification ​X
To review Membership Benefits across the Community, please review our Membership Matrix.