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​Becoming a Member

The Access 4 Learning Community is unique as it offers all members an equal voice.  Whether you are a small business or a multi-national, your voice and opinions count and you are welcomed round the 'A4L Table'.  Emphasis is put upon listening to end-user demands and requirements, so that we can develop the SIF standard to meet all the current educational marketplace needs and expectations.


The Access 4 Learning Community is THE place to contribute and develop the SIF Specification, with a Community filled with experts and market leaders in their fields, there is no better place to connect with your peers and start your interoperability journey!

"SIF effectively provides a solution to the pressing problems faced in the education sector, namely how it ensure data integrity and accuracy among disparate software systems, and it is provided via an open source standard developed with cooperative input from vendors and end users."

Bart Kunz, Lincoln County School District #2, WY

There are many different reasons why you should consider joining the A4L Community, each dependent on different circumstances, for example:

  • the size of your organization,
  • whether you are an end-user trying to deliver the best for your learners,
  • a vendor, trying to establish yourself in the marketplace, or
  • a government department or agency, trying to ensure that you are making policy decisions based on accurate up-to-date information… 

Please visit the following pages to find out more about the benefits of joining our growing Community:

 Should you have any questions, please Contact Us directly, or complete the online Enquiry Form.