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 the right information, in the right place, at the right time
SIF is the first, largest and most implemented open global standard for seamless, real time data transfer and usage

Decision Makers

Why Choose SIF? 24/7 access to accurate school and learning information is now essential...



Simple.  Enable two applications to securely share educational data in minutes reducing data entry time for school, district and government staff.​


Secure.  Ensure that access to critical learning data is restricted solely to applications specifically authorized by the local 'data steward', whether the data is held locally, in the cloud, or in partnership with third party providers thereby reducing the risk to the organization



Standard.  An established, community built, free and open data blueprint that is used by hundreds of applications regardless of platform or vendor provider, protecting SEA and LEA investments, that has repeatedly proven itself over the last 17 years and is here to stay!

Solution Developers​

Why choose SIF? Interoperability will save your customers money and time - build one connector and use it many times...

Simple.  Data is a URL - only takes minutes for a client application to get connected!

​Secure.  Supports multiple authorization types and restricts which application gets what data.

Standard.  Re-use data with many application, even in other data formats!

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