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Decision Makers:  Why Choose SIF?


An example of using interoperability for data management on a daily basis

The diagram above illustrates a high-level example of the benefits of using SIF, based on actual figures provided by a School District in the United States.   The School District calculated the total time taken to perform regular daily tasks before and after implementing SIF. 
Based on the above figures, a School District could save over 40% of their time allocated to these tasks every week using SIF alone.

24/7 access to accurate school and learning information is now essential.

Interoperability (the ability to share data between different systems on different machines) solves these issues and should be a major component of your planning for a 24/7 world.
Selecting the SIF standard gives you a solution that is: 

  Open Standard                    Vendor Neutral                    Platform independent

SIF is designed specifically for technology providers and educators.  It is not a product, but a technical blueprint for software that:
  • enables your current applications to interact and share data seamlessly in real time
  • manages your current educational data
  • now works cross-platform over modern technologies
  • allows automated reporting

Additional benefits of using SIF include:

Improve Management
By utilizing SIF, accurate, timely and up-to-date information is shared with all appropriate applications, within the learning establishment and its partners. 'Write once, use many times' is the mantra for good system design, which greatly reduces the burden on schools by eliminating data entry into disparate systems, helping to save time and money.

Improve Learner Attainment
SIF provides the ability to record and exchange learners' marks for attainment between your software applications. By providing real time learner attainment both teachers and parents can use the information to positively influence the learner's outcome and progression.

Single Sign-On
Use SIF to link the student/management information and identity management systems to automatically generate accounts. Accounts are synchronized and updated without further staff intervention.

Vertical Reporting Solutions
In the United States, 75% of State Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) grantees are using SIF to successfully implement their grant applications - some States are using it for one function (i.e. Student ID generation) while others are using it for their entire student management and reporting.

Future Proofing
A SIF infrastructure allows 'best of breed' applications to connect to each other. This gives schools, free schools, academies, districts, higher & further education establishments, local authorities, LEAs, and SEAs greater choice in choosing software to meet their current and future needs.

Safeguard Your Learners
With the advent of mobile learning, more and more learners are no longer educated in a single establishment. With a SIF enabled application for recording learner attendance, schools are informed as soon as a learner's attendance is recorded at their 'off-site' learning venue.

Reduce Administration costs

With SIF you have the ability to transmit data that is required by external agencies. The same infrastructure is used many times to get data where it needs to be, reducing the reporting burden for learning establishments and external agencies.