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WHere do i start?

Starting a SIF Implementation can seem a little daunting... but there are several things available to help you, including the rest of the Access 4 Learning Community!  With their help - many of whom have been where you are now - we have developed several tools which will help you get started. 
As well as reading the materials below, we would also suggest you review the SIF Certification Registry, as we strongly recommend using SIF Certified agents, and advise that this is a key part of any tender/proposal.
A4L Data Privacy Task Force Artifacts.pdfA4L Data Privacy Task Force Artifacts
Statement of Intent for SIF Adoption in Australia
North America
A4L Requirements Score Sheet - Introduction.pdfA4L Requirements Score Sheet - Introduction
Access 4 Learning - End User Decision Tree - NA.pdfAccess 4 Learning - End User Decision Tree - NA
Access 4 Learning Toolkit.pdfAccess 4 Learning Toolkit
Protecting YOUR Data Investments.pdfProtecting YOUR Data Investments
Readiness Assessment Survey 2014.pdfReadiness Assessment Survey 2014
SIF Cost Benefit ROI Calculator by Integrity Schools.xlsSIF Cost Benefit ROI Calculator by Integrity Schools
SIF Implementation Planning Toolkit US.pdfSIF Implementation Planning Toolkit US
SIF Implementation Tools.pdfSIF Implementation Tools
SIF Planning Questions.pdfSIF Planning Questions
SIF RFP Language.pdfSIF RFP Language
 Additional resources are available from the Members area.
United Kingdom 
Invitation To Tender (ITT) - sample questions.pdfInvitation To Tender (ITT) - sample questions
SIF Implementation Planning Questions UK.pdfSIF Implementation Planning Questions UK
SIF Implementation Planning Toolkit UK.pdfSIF Implementation Planning Toolkit UK
  Additional resources are available from the Members area.