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​Student data privacy and security is among the biggest issues facing contemporary education and impacting stakeholders at every level. With the proliferation of education technology companies and the desire to use data to drive instruction, the needs in accessing student data is at the center of an international debate. Often data and information security are not under firm management control and governance and there is no comprehensive, best-practice approach to securing student data. Learning organizations, governmental agencies, and vendors and providers are faced with a litany of complex local, state, and federal regulations and policies.
The Student Data Privacy Consortium facilitated by the Access 4 Learning (A4L) Community in collaboration with representatives from a diverse set learning organizations, governmental agencies, as well as vendors and providers, focuses on operationalizing the complex and high-profile privacy and security issues surrounding safeguarding student data. This consortium is focused on providing tangible solutions to address operational issues schools and vendors experience every day. This work will leverage other work going on by the cadre of organizations working in the student data privacy space but, unlike that policy work, this work is tactical and focused on implementation.


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January 7, 2016:
December 1, 2015: 
The Consortium will provide a collaborative place for members to create a suite of solutions and resources to operationalize student data privacy. The solutions and resources will address:
  • collaboratively developed standardized and vetted contract language,
  • clearinghouse of research and best practices
  • use cases and technical assistance guides
  • audit process and checklist support,
  • data governance and management modeling, and
  • communities of practice between and among consortium members.


Track One

Wednesday (bi-weekly), 12noon Eastern

Track Two

Thursday (bi-weekly), 1pm Eastern

Technical Sub-Group

Friday (bi-weekly), 12noon Eastern