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Welcome to xPress! 

The Access 4 Learning (A4L) Community, formerly the SIF Association, has concentrated almost 20 years of practical experience solving these problems into its latest solution - xPress!

xPress is a new line of open, standard APIs that provide schools and developers with a way to simply and securely exchange data among modern apps, whether they are hosted locally, in the cloud, or on mobile devices. xPress APIs are developed from real-world use cases, with an explicit focus on practical, easy to implement solutions that use contemporary technologies.  The xPress API suite embodies simplicity in its design by using contemporary technologies like REST and OAuth, enabling direct communication among systems (the “broker” is optional) and representing commonly used data in a straightforward manner. 
DOWNLOAD Roster Comparison workbook --> (accompanies white paper)
To view the xPress Roster and xPress SRE objects in the SIF Data Model Implementation Specification (North America) 3.3, please click here -->


A Statewide approach to xPress
To view the full diagram, please click the image.

xPress Roster in Use

WV planning: Over 100 applications pinging the statewide SIS


A Regional approach to xPress
To view the full diagram, please click the image. 

xPress Roster in Use

NY now: 3 RICS and 14,000 kids
NY April 2016: 2 more RICS and 7,000 kids
NY July 2016: 19 Lower Hudson Districts and 66,000 kids


​xPress ​SIF Direct ​SIF Enterprise
​Simple Query REST API
​Flexible Authentication Mechanism (OAuth / Basic / HMAC)
​Simple (Logical) Data Model
​XML or JSON capable
Enterprise (Physical) Data Model​
​Real-time eventing
​Full Asynchornous CRUD REST API
​Multiple providers
​Centralised environment administration
Full Registry support (namespaces/named xquery/zones/codesets)​