The SIF Implementation Specification (North America) leverages the global Specification with a custom data set for the North American community.
The Specification includes:
  • XML defines common data formats and rules of interaction and architecture.
  • Event Reporting is a Publish/Subscribe Model.
  • Events are published/reported by each application and are received by other applications that have subscribed to them.
  • Data Provision is a Request/Response Model.
  • An application agent may register itself with the ZIS as a provider of certain data objects. This allows the ZIS to satisfy a query request from an agent to locate the provider of a data object. The ZIS acts as the intermediary, forwarding the request to the agent, receiving the response, and then forwarding the response back to the original requester.
Messages are securely encrypted using HTTPS.
  • HTTPS is the most commonly used secure method of exchanging data among web browsers.
  • Agents are authenticated by the ZIS before messages are passed.
  • Message processing includes message validation and message identification.
  • Guaranteed message delivery.
By using the SIF Implementation Specification in administrative and instructional K-12 products, you will:
  • Enhance product functionality efficiently
  • Facilitate data sharing without incurring expensive customer development costs
  • Leverage co-marketing opportunities with partners and distributors provide best of breed solutions to customers easily and seamlessly
  • Join industry leaders in creating the next generation framework for education technology



​Specification Name Data Model Infrastructure Release Date ​Resources Certification Program
SIF Implementation Specification (NA) 3.4 3.4 3.2 ​September 7, 2016
​SIF Implementation Specification (NA) 3.3 3.3 3.1 ​May 20, 2015
​SIF Implementation Specification (NA) 3.2 3.2 3.0.1 ​July 28, 2014
​SIF Implementation Specification (NA) 3.1 ​3.1 3.0.1 ​February 27, 2014 Yes
SIF Implementation Specification (NA) 3.0 3.0 3.0.1 ​August 27, 2013
SIF Implementation Specification (NA) 2.7M 2.7M


​April 3, 2014 Yes
SIF Implementation Specification (NA) 2.6 2.6 2.6 August 16, 2012 ​Publicly hosted XML Schema
SIF Implementation Specification (NA) 2.5 2.5 2.5 May 14, 2011 ​Publicly hosted XML Schema
SIF Implementation Specification (NA) 2.4 2.4 June 11, 2010 ​Publicly hosted XML Schema
SIF Implementation Specification (NA) 2.3 2.3 February 12, 2009 ​Publicly hosted XML Schema
SIF Implementation Specification (NA) 2.2 2.2 March 17, 2008 ​Publicly hosted XML Schema
SIF Implementation Specification (NA) 2.1 2.1 September 18, 2007 ​Publicly hosted XML Schema
SIF Implementation Specification (NA) 2.0r1 2.0r1 June 19, 2007 ​Publicly hosted XML Schema Yes



For more information on the SIF Certification Program, click here.